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How does the program work?

What can I expect when I get to the track?

After checking in, all guests will attend a welcome briefing followed by a short “chalk talk.” We will discuss track craft, car positioning, driver position and so much more! The drivers will then be taken on a track familiarization tour with one of the chief instructors, to see the track first hand before you get behind the wheel. Guests will climb into their car of choice with their personal driver coach, who ride and instruct from the passenger seat for your whole experience. The driver coach will help and encourage you along the way. After your driving experience you will receive a free 8X10 e-photo of you beside the car you just drove!

Track wear?

Participants need to wear comfortable clothes and closed-toe shoes, preferably sneakers with a flat and narrow sole. Helmets are mandatory, and provided free of charge. Sandals, high-heels, and most boots are not acceptable.

Are helmets required?

Yes, helmets are required, as all participants are required to wear helmets while in the car, and on the race track. Racing Adventures provides the Helmets.

Can I come with friends and family?

Friends and family are welcome to attend, and will be able to take videos and pictures from our secure viewing areas. Children are welcome, however, for safety reasons we do not recommend children under the age of ten to attend this experience unless you watch from your car trackside. Pets are not allowed, only service animals are permitted at our facilities.

Can my guest ride with me in the car?

No, only a driver and driver coach will be in the car.

Can I use my own camera to record inside the car?

Because of our insurance policy, we do not allow any other camera or video equipment in the cars. We do offer an on-board video of your driving experience that you may purchase prior to driving.

How long should I plan for the whole experience?

Please plan for a minimum of two hours. Or, plan for a half day if you are driving more than 15 laps.

Can I upgrade my experience?

Most of the time yes!.  Depending on availability, you may be able to change which car you drive or drive additional cars. Please ask one of our staff and they will be glad to help. You can also buy additional laps and choose add-ons such as a DVD video of your exotic supercar experience.

Can I drive more than One car?

Yes, we offer the ability to book combo packages. These combo packages are designed for one driver, and may not be split with multiple drivers. The combo package helps provide you with the opportunity to compare and contrast power and handling of these exciting supercars.

Can we buy food and drinks on the track?

We do not have food for sale at the track unless the track renter requests catering, or we are having one of our few spectator/participant events.

What happens when it rains or there is extreme heat?

If it rains and we are unable to continue you will receive a rain check for a future date with priority booking. You will not lose your money.  As we cannot control the weather there are no refunds. If you are from out of town and unable to return in the future rain insurance is available at checkout.

How to contact us?

 You may reach us at 1-888-572-7223

Can I pay today and book a date or car later?

If you are purchasing a track day as a gift, we sell an open date and open car certificates. Give the certificate to them now, and they can call us later to book.  

In a hurry for a gift?

Book online or call us, and we will email you a personalized certificate immediately!

Can I change the recipient of my Gift Certificate?

Yes, it is fully transferable to another recipient of your choice. Please contact us with the name of the new recipient so we can update the reservation.

Can I change the Experience I have selected?

 Yes, depending on availability. If there is a price difference, you will be responsible to pay that difference before a change to the reservation can be made.

How many days ahead do I need to make a reservation?

Well. If you need a specific date....the sooner the better!

Can I modify my schedule or ask for a refund?

Our programs are not refundable for any reason. If you need to change the date just let us know and we can put you on a stand-by list for your next desired date.  Please try to do this at least 30 days in advance of you scheduled date.  There is a 25% penalty to change a date less than 30 days before you chosen date.  You cannot change a date less than 7 days before your event.

What are the requirements to participate?

Is there a weight or height restriction?

Please contact us if the recipient weighs over 280lbs, or is 6'3" feet tall. We will advise you on what car to choose. Customer Service 1-888-572-7223

What is the minimum age to participate?

You must be 21 years of age and have a valid drivers license to drive.
Children are welcome to participate in the hot laps program provided they are taller than 130cm or 4'3''.

Is insurance included?

We do offer track car damage protection. It is mandatory. Three levels of coverage are available.

Is an international drivers license acceptable?

 Yes. A valid drivers license issued by a government agency is acceptable.

Do I need to know how to drive a manual transmission?

Our Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren and Porsche are autos with paddle shifters.  The Cobra is and GT40 are manual.

Do I need any prior racing experience?

Absolutely not! Our driving experiences are open to anyone. It doesn't matter what level of experience you have behind the wheel to drive our cars.

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