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This is your purchase confirmation. an additional reminder email with event details like the details included in this email will be sent to you about one week before your scheduled program date. Please remember that because of the huge organization and cost to host these events a certain size group is required for us to offer a program day. If this is a problem we will let you know ahead of time.

We are excited to see you at your upcoming track event.

Please take a few moments to read over this confirmation as it contains important information about your upcoming Racing Adventures program.


Experience guests must arrive at the venue no less than 15-minutes before your scheduled time to allow for registration and organization. If you do not already have set a scheduled time please give us a call. Upon arrival please be patient, watch the cars on track and enjoy the show as it is sometimes difficult for us to be on time due to the many factors involved in operating these programs.

The Supercars…
These Exotic cars are premium vehicles and somewhat finicky and fragile. Therefore we ask that you refrain from wearing jeans with rivets or pants that have textured embellishments. Please leave large watches and jewelry and chunky shoes or boots at home as well.

We welcome you and your family/friend to take as many pictures you like but please do not lean on the cars at anytime. We will allow the close pictures and poses to be taken after the guest has run their laps. Friends and family will be invited up to the car at that time. We want you to create the memories!

As the pedals in the cars are very close together please wear a shoe that is narrow and has a thin sole so that you can feel the pedals. Please do not wear boots or heels of any type.

If you have a voucher of any kind please bring it with you.

The mandatory car damage protection insurance it is available in advance on our website or at the track. There are three levels of coverage available. This mandatory coverage is available in advance or at the track the day of your event.

Quite often we receive requests from guests to run more laps in the same or a different car on the day of the event. Please ask and we can get you set up. Racing Adventures ball Caps,model cars and T-Shirts are available for purchase. How about a video of your drive to show your friends for only $49!

If you have a friend that would like to come out and drive please let us know and we can get them enrolled along with you at your time and date. If you bring a friend to drive we will give you a free Racing Adventures ball cap and T-Shirt!


The Full Day Racing Adventures First Gear program starts at 9 a.m. sharp. Please try to arrive 15-minutes early to get yourself ready.

Racers will have the option to wear a racing suit over your clothing or wearing your street clothes. If you do not want to choose suit option it is required that all Racing Adventure attendees wear long pants and closed toe shoes.

As the pedals in the cars are very close together please wear a shoe that is narrow and has a thin sole that will allow you to feel the pedals and not press two pedals at the same time. Please do not wear boots shoes with heels of any type.

We will supply beverages for the day and allow a break time period for lunch. There are a few restaurants just up the road that are sure to fit your needs.

The Racing Adventures First Gear program will conclude at 4:30 p.m. – 5 p.m.

If you are driving one of our cars mandatory car damage protection insurance it is available in advance on our website or at the track. Your investment is $100 per day. This gives you a $5000 deductible should you damage the car in any way.

For those driving your own cars in the full day programs:

Please arrive at the race track with a full tank of fuel. Make sure to remove all personal items from your vehicle and leave them at home. For safety and your own enjoyment it’s important the car is free and clear from clutter or any loose artifacts.

Please inflate your tires to 2lbs over the automotive manufacture recommendation for your vehicle. Generally this is around 38lbs.

GrandSport Track Day Customers

Please refer to the GrandSport Track Day page at


All Guests Please Review Guidelines:

A valid drivers license and valid credit card is required for participation. You must be 24 years of age or older to participate in the Supercar Experience unless a parent is also driving that day.

This is always tough one! If adverse weather conditions are present the day of your program it may be necessary to postpone until another day. We will contact you as soon as we know if we are able to run. Unfortunately you may already be halfway to the track. Please note this is out of our control and no refunds will be given fro weather. Safety and providing you with the best experience possible are our ultimate goals. Driving an exotic car on a slippery track at 35mph in not anyones bucket list item!

The track is a very busy area with excited people driving unfamiliar cars around in a confined space. It is not a friendly environment for young children. Anyone under 14 years of age will not be permitted to enter the ‘Hot Pit’ or be present with any groups while cars are moving. However they may watch from behind the fence and enjoy the view.

Tipping is not required but appreciated. If you feel your in-car Professional Drivers Coach did a great job you may reward them as desired.


If you should have any questions please give us a call or send an email.


Payment Policy

In order to hold your spot full payment due at time of registration.

Program Cancellation Policy

If you can not make your date you can with 30 days notice reschedule to a future date at no charge. You will then take a stand-by position. If you would like to change you date inside of 30 days but not in the last 7 days before your scheduled program you can do that for a 25% charge of the price of your program. Programs may not be cancelled within 7 days of your scheduled date. (See below. One reschedule only.) If you do not show up on your scheduled event without any notice to the school your program will be forfeited with no possible reschedule. Programs purchased at a discount or through brokers or daily deal sites and cannot be rescheduled for any reason at anytime. All sales are final.  there are no refunds.


You can reschedule your scheduled program at anytime 7 days prior to to your scheduled date but only one time. You will be charged a fee equal to 25% the value of your program. You will be placed on a stand-by list that will allow any new enrollment or program change to bump you out of the rescheduled space if required. If you are bumped from stand-by you can then reschedule again for free into the next available space that fits your schedule, but you will always be in that standby position.

School Cancellations

The student agrees that the school, its instructors and personnel shall have the right at any time, which they in their sole discretion may see fit, to cancel their enrollment in the school, either before, after, or during any particular lesson or stage, for any reason whatsoever, and without giving cause. The School reserves the right to cancel a school day without repercussion from the customer other than a reschedule to a future date. We suggest that all traveling clients obtain travel cancellation insurance as the school will not be responsible for uninsured plane tickets, hotel or any other expense incurred by the student because of a cancelled school date. If the school date is cancelled by the school or track for whatever reason the student may reschedule at no charge but no refunds will be issued.

Daily Deal Sites and third Party Vendors/Brokers

If you have purchased one of our products from a third party vendor/broker or a daily deal site, and that vendor fails to reimburse us for the services that we have supplied to you, you will be responsible for the payment of services to us in full.


Guests are welcome to watch the school proceed but will be accommodated in a safe area away from the instruction and moving cars. Guests are not invited into the classroom session or near the on track instructional sessions as other have paid for this valuable information.

Car Failures

Though it is rare – should the school car you selected fail mechanically during your school day we reserve the right to move you into one of our other similar school cars to complete the day.

Car Damage Protection

Racecar damage protection is available for your race day if you are using one of our school cars. You are responsible for the school car you are driving. The cost for insurance is $100 per day for the full day programs. There are three levels of track car damage protection available to you for the Supercar lapping programs. p


Large wide thick-soled shoes will not be allowed as they sometime catch on the wrong pedals. This includes many types of jogging shoes. This may cause a student to be refused entry into the program. Please review the shoe types that are allowed on our website.

Start Times

Please be on time. A student may be refused entry into the program if they arrive after the program has started. They may then reschedule.(See Above) Start times may vary depending on the time of year.

Rain and Heat

We have no control over the weather. We do run in the rain and the heat unless the school deems the conditions unsafe. Weather changes. The cancelation of the day will stand even if conditions change. If the school cancels a program due to weather the student will be issued full credit to book priority position in a future date but no refunds will be given. .(See above) If the student feels the weather is too extreme they may reschedule to at their discretion.(See above) Rain insurance is available up to 30 days before your event. You investment for the rain insurance is 20% of the cost of your program


If for some reason the customers decides to chargeback any charges on their card charged by the school the customer will be responsible for any bank fees Legend Motors Inc/Racing Adventures may incur.
Racing Adventures and Legend Motors Inc. reserve the right to change or alter these policies at anytime Any changes can be seen on our website at All disputes arising out of or in any way connected with this Waiver and Release or any other waiver or policy provided by the school or their subject matter and all disputes arising out of or in any way connected with the “Student’s” participation in the “School” shall be resolved through arbitration in Nevada. The student will be required to sign a personal risk waiver by
the track and the by the school on the program day. If you would like to request this waiver in advance of you purchased school day please contact our offices.

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Important Notice: Auto Racing is a dangerous sport. Our products and services are subject to failure when exposed to the high stresses involved in the racing environment. All equipment and services are sold without warranty, expressed or implied.