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Racing Adventures, has created a very successful and unique corporate event environment for relationship and team building, for many multinational companies over the last 35 years. We have created Corporate Incentive Events for companies such as IBM, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Nike, Texaco, Pepsi, Toyota, Lexus, plus many more. These companies compliment our services by returning every year, or even several times a year! Our programs are much different than the others, as they are specifically and individually designed to help you meet your corporate meeting or entertainment goals. Our supercar experience, our personalized service, and flexible on-track programs, foster camaraderie and relationship building that creates a memory that draws together future conversations. Allow us to show you how easy and successful your corporate event can be. Call today and ask for David. Our Fortune 500 clients can't be wrong!


David Zubick
Operator of Racing Adventures


Let us create a Custom Corporate Luxury WOW Experience .  We work with you to fulfill your corporate goals and create personalized activities that excite, reward, and motivate new thinking while creating lasting memories. Get an edge on your competition and reward your customers, associates, staff, clients and management.


Racing Adventures Boutique events are excellent programs to offer your highly valued customers, associates, staff, and management to keep them excited and involved with your company. We know from the experience of many of our clients that Racing Adventures is a creative and alternative entertainment choice that is sure to be successful. 

Most importantly, we also fulfill corporate and group goals such as loyalty programs, rewards programs, product launches, and team building programs.

Meeting spaces? - No problem!

We had such a great time! These guys have done so much as part of incentives…Super Bowl, World Series, golf trips….I had several guys say this was THE BEST incentive they have every been a part of!"
Thanks again!


We can offer anything from a few hours, to a few days!

On the track Racing Adventures affords the opportunity for anyone to learn basic skills and enjoy the drive in a real Supercar, in a very cool controlled race track environment.

Alternatively we offer street tours to enjoy a scenic route along the way.  Explore the Desert near Phoenix, Sedona Arizona or perhaps the Palm Springs, the Pacific Coast Highway in our Exotic Supercars.

You need a speaker?  Let us help you with that and bring in anyone from a famous winning race car driver to American business industry leaders!

Our programs are different than the others. From the beginning, they are specifically designed to help meet corporate entertainment, reward incentive goals, as well as legitimate team building needs. Tasks and exercises promote cooperation, mutual goals, planning plus so much more. With our experience, our cars, our personalized service, client handling and our on track programs we offer an unforgettable experience!

It is all about that unique driving experience that you cannot get anywhere else!

Let us show you how easy and successful your corporate event can be! Corporate programs are not only our specialty, but 85% of our business. That's why we get it right for you and your customers every time. We can even provide specialized company swag.  Just let us know what you are wanting to accomplish!


BRANDING - How about your company logo on the doors of the cars! We can supply diecast model cars like the ones your guest are driving with your logo on them!

EVENT PACKAGES - Combine your experience with other cool events happening in the area.  Golf, car auctions, boating events, museums and so much more. Please ask and we can tell you who our partners are and what they have going on.

CATERING - So many options.  Let us know what you are thinking about.

SWAG - Embroidered shirts, hats, drive videos and so much more.





1. Exotic Supercar Racetrack Lapping Experience

This is very popular in the corporate entertainment environment! Treat your guests to the exotic supercar Racetrack experience. Your guests can drive Corvette, Cobra, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and more!

Your guests will arrive to a greeting of coffee, juice, water soda, muffins, pastries and the friendly smiling Racing Adventures staff.

After a short chalk talk and on-track familiarization tour, each guest will enjoy laps around the race track with a professional driving coach by their side. Additional laps and multiple car types can be included. We have a selection of cars and can tailor the program to your needs.  Your investment will vary by group size, laps run and type of cars you are driving!

Please call for a specific quote today! 1-888-572-7223

Beverage and snack service are always included, as well as an 8 X 10 e-photo of each one of your guests. Enjoy a meeting space, souvenirs, catering, plus so much more!

Their best souvenir will be the unforgettable experience that you have afforded them. It was new, unique and great fun and fulfilled your guests' dreams of driving a Supercar! Stuff that Bucket lists are made of!

Private events from as low as $299 per person (minimums apply). Group sizes up to 150!

2. Racing Adventures Supercar Street Tours work like this...


All experiences at all locations are about 1.5 hours long and allow you to drive four different Supercars.  All the cars have automatic transmissions, stereo system to get your groove and ice cold air conditioning!  

The Arizona Desert and its iconic cacti and rock formations are a site to see. 

Phoenix Drive - Lets start in famous Cave Creek watering hole, add four supercars, a twisty mountain road, a stop at Barlett Lake for pictures,  and you really have a once in a lifetime experience.  This 1.5 tour includes about 20minutes in each car, a photo session at the lake.  Your investment is just $499pp for the drive of your life!

Bring along a passenger or leave them in Cave Creek to take  look at the shops or have a bite to eat at the many cool and hip restaurants and curio shops.  We end where we start in Cave Creek.

Sedona Drive -  Sedona is famous for its awesome Red Rock formations, art, curio shops and restaurants.  This drives winds up and down a twisty cragged rock canyon overlooking the river that runs through Sedona.  Your investment for this 1.5 hour journey is just $499pp!


Palm Springs Drive - Your investment for this 1.5 hour journey is just $499! - Coming soon!

California Wine Country Drive - Your investment for this 1.5 hour journey is just $499! - Coming soon!




What do we do differently?

  • We have been working with meeting planners and corporate incentive companies for over 30 years. We understand and have the experience to make your meeting successful!
  • We can provide an academically designed team building program to meet your needs

Corporate event pitstop

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What about dates?

Please call us with your desired date and location. We will check and see if the equipment and track that you request are available. If they are..... we have a date!! Please note: Most racetracks are very busy and therefore demand that we book them well in advance if possible: the more lead time the better.

What about Corporate Event Management?

Our company has been involved in many areas of corporate and event management. We will work with you to deliver the best possible and professional program and make sure it is successful for everyone involved! Tents, transportation, souvenirs, special gifts, catering, meeting spaces, AV equipment and so much more. This is why our corporate clientele keep coming back!


What about locations?

We have several locations across the USA. This allows a corporate client to pick a location more convenient to them or a destination with many other activities available for their guests. These locations include but are not limited to Houston, Dallas, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Phoenix.

Las Vegas is a special market.  We can provide an exclusive private corporate event where most other operators cannot.

For an extra investment we have often travelled to a specific area near a client and delivered a program exactly where they needed it!


Racing Adventures