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FFR Cobra Racing School – Houston


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FFR Shelby Cobra

Ford 302 FI V8
5 Speed Manual
2200 lbs
Top Speed 165 mph

INTERESTING FACTS: The most recognized and perhaps sexiest car in the world!

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FIRST GEAR You will be sent a notice about one week before your event to tell you your start time.

It will begin at 9 AM. Please be on time. A 30 minute chalk talk/registration session. Throughout the day we will have mini chalk talk sessions between driving sessions that will cover, among other things, car dynamics, drivers dynamics, car balance, skid characteristics, safety, basic race rules. Participants will outfitted with helmets and optional racing uniforms and then assigned to their racecar for the day. The morning consists of skill exercises to get you ready for the cars and the demands of the afternoon lapping session. Racing Adventure driver coaches will take you step by step through a full program of driving skills as you explore your potential and develop your abilities in a friendly, no-pressure environment. At Racing Adventures you will be lapping the full track by yourself at your own pace on the first day in a real race car! We are often complemented that we provide more in car track time than most other programs! You will be worn out from driving, not from crawling in and out of a car window or a small formula car! Rest and eat well before your day as you will be doing things that you have never before experienced and this can really wear you out. We will supply almost everything you need for a great day. Helmets, driving suits, beverages and even sunscreen are provided. All that you really need to bring is a pair of narrow shoes with thin soles. Large grip type soles found on many running shoes will not work as the pedals are very close together. We provide the car, equipment and expertise - what you provide is curiosity and desire. No qualifications are required beyond a valid drivers license and the desire to listen and learn. A certificate of achievement and an 8X10 color souvenir photo of you beside your race car will be presented during your graduation ceremony at days end. School Itinerary - First Gear Classroom session begins Threshold braking Accident avoidance / vision exercise Turn and brake Line interpretation exercise Lunch Photo session Pace line lapping / Mother duck exercise Advanced pace lapping Open lapping On track day completed / Graduation ceremony

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